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Evangelistic Events

Revivals and Crusades are still successful in churches around the world. All it takes is lots of prayer, hard work, and the conviction that God is going to do great things.  We are available to assist you in your revival preparations and Tim B. Knopps would be honored to preach at your next event no matter what the size of your church.

Major Sporting Event Evangelism: Taking advantage of the excitement that comes to a community during a major sporting event, the Timothy Institutes works in cooperation with local churches and ministries in creating large scale evangelism projects. Some of these projects reach in excess of 300,000 people on one week. Some will see more than 60,000 pieces of witnessing material distributed in one day.  Some projects utilize more than 5,000 volunteers and support personnel.

Community Events: County Fairs, Music Concerts, Holiday Parades, Motorcycle rallies and other neighborhood events are just a few of the opportunities to share the Gospel in your area. With adequate planning, quality prayer and  available resources it's possible to make a significant Gospel impact with just a handful of volunteers.  Sometimes we are amazed by what God provides when we take the initiative to reach those around us.


Major Events

  • Super Bowl Evangelism Projects
  • Woodstock 30th Anniversary
  • Boston Marathon
  • Concert in the Park: Atlanta
  • Chicago Searchlight
  • Various County and State Fairs.