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Rev. Tim B. Knopps started preaching as a teenager and hasn't quit talking since.  A dynamic speaker with deep insight that's sprinkled with humor, Knopps reaches out to inspire and motivate his audience.

Familiar with the needs of small and average churches as well as being accustomed to the large platforms of the mega church and conventions, He speaks with conviction and passion in such a way as to reach from the choir loft to the back row of the balcony .

Occasionally speaking in secular situations, Knopps is not ashamed of the Gospel message and yet is sensitive to the needs of his listeners and his hosts.  

For more information about his speaking schedule or to book a speaking engagement, please call or write for details.

(405) 205-0303 tknopps@timothyinstitute.org



Past Engagements

  • Northwest Baptist Convention Evangelism Conference.
  • Louisiana Convention Baptist  Collegiate Ministry Retreat
  • San Salvador men's retreat-Keynote Address  
  • FBC Stratford Oklahoma Spring Revival.
  • Motivational Speaker: NFL Experience.